Ten Years on Top!

Ten Years on Top!

Celebrating Building Indiana’s 10th Anniversary

Today, we’re celebrating a milestone. In just ten short years, Building Indiana has grown from a relatively locally distributed news medium into the largest business-to-business publication in the state of Indiana; releasing six issues a year directly to the desks of decision-makers and thousands of other business professionals in addition to special annual issues. Our story is one of commitment to the audience we serve, and today we’re proud to share with you the details of how we’ve made it this far.

Over 20 years ago, our publisher, Andrea M. Pearman, was involved in the radio and television industry before transitioning into a career in marketing for a leading construction media company. At the time, women were a distinct minority throughout construction-related organizations. In time, due to her skills in promotions and public relations, she eventually moved on to create her own company; Diversified Marketing Strategies (DMS), the parent company of Building Indiana.

After establishing an in-house editorial, sales and graphic design department, the team began to notice a common pattern among many of its clients – many major industries lacked a direct pathway to reach their target audience. Unlike normal businesses that appeal to the general public, contractors and manufacturers needed a way to reach project owners and other individuals capable of creating major development decisions.

The team started to imagine a news medium that was specifically intended to contain a by-business-for-business aesthetic that would allow an executive audience to read about the exact topics they were seeking: avenues for growth, expert advice, potential business leads, and important news that has a direct impact on their companies. From these initial concepts, Building Indiana began to come to life.

91% of Building Indiana’s original advertisers from the inaugural issue are still with the publication today.

Early development of the magazine involved an entirely different publication model than traditional magazines normally utilize. Building Indiana’s department heads chose a direct-mail approach rather than what’s commonly known as a “bulk drop” method of distribution (wherein magazines are delivered in bulk to places like retailers, etc.) due to the fact that they would be able to guarantee client materials would be getting placed into the right hands.

“I’ve always believed that our advertisers’ dollars deserve to go directly to the decision-makers that are in a position to benefit most from their services,” Pearman said, “I just couldn’t imagine seeing a stack of Building Indiana issues resting on a store shelf somewhere – I feel like that would be money wasted, and I care about my clients’ resources. So, we developed, at first, a quarterly magazine that that would be delivered directly to individuals that our clients needed to reach most.”

“But that’s the interesting thing about Building Indiana,” she continued, “No matter what kind of company chooses to advertise with us, we can specifically guarantee them, and show them, exactly where their materials are being distributed – right down to individual offices. That’s always been our business model, and I’m committed to remaining different from other publications that are out there. I’m incredibly proud that none of our clients’ dollars are ever thrown away, or fail to reach the proper audience.”

“The result has been incredibly positive,” she added. “91% of Building Indiana’s original advertisers from the inaugural issue are still with us today.”

In terms of content and readership, Building Indiana has only continued to grow. What began as a small 15-page publication focused only on the northwest Indiana region is now a statewide magazine that very recently saw its largest issue to date. Topics within each issue focus on nearly every major industry imaginable, from healthcare to education, economic development, insurance, state legislation, construction, law, environmental, and so much more. No matter what kind of company our readers work within, Building Indiana contains useful information intended to enlighten them about avenues of opportunity and growth – and we’re truly proud to present it to them.


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New to Building Indiana in 2016

We’re excited to be announcing some new developments for the 2016 year. At a time when many other forms of print media are shrinking, Building Indiana is growing!

In addition to Meetings & Events, and our regular six annual issues of Building Indiana, we’re also going to be celebrating the debut of Giving Indiana, a special issue that will be dedicated exclusively to the actives of Indiana nonprofits and philanthropic news. Giving Indiana will be packaged and sent directly to readers along with a regular issue of Building Indiana, to allow nonprofit organizations an outlet to reach an entire new audience of potential supporters.

Nonprofits are the heart and soul of Indiana’s generosity, and we’re proud to help them further their missions in any way we can. They also have some terrific stories to share, so be sure to take a look when your copy arrives.

There will also be two new features added to regular issues of Building Indiana; a philanthropic column and company profiles. “Philanthropy” will be a new column intended to pair nicely with the release of Giving Indiana, but will focus more closely on business topics such as the inner-workings of nonprofits or advice for companies that are choosing to become donors. The new company profiles will provide readers with an inside look at the history and success stories of selected companies, and we’re very excited to present these details to our readers.

Lastly, we have also begun launching a new online weekly newsletter, which has a very similar feel to the “Business Buzz” section of Building Indiana. These will be sent out to the inboxes of our readers once a week to allow us to share time-sensitive news and additional details with our audience. Visit BuildingIndiana.com or email NickD@BuildingIndiana.com to sign up. It’s free, and contains important Hoosier business news – and possibly even a few exciting leads – for your company.

Always Positive, Always Informative, and Always Moving Forward

Building Indiana would like to take a moment during this celebration to thank our readers for giving us the chance to provide them with inspiring Hoosier business news. Also, please remember to share your news with us! We’re always glad to include your success stories, or major moves, within our pages. Never hesitate to share your news with us – there is no “pay to play” with Building Indiana. As long as we have space within our pages, we’ll be glad to spread the word.

In the coming years, we’re very excited about our new projects and very proud of the history behind our publication. Thank you all so much for reading our issues, and for allowing Building Indiana to grow into your number one source for Indiana business news!