Big Night for NWI Construction, Nearly 70 Companies Honored

Big Night for NWI Construction, Nearly 70 Companies Honored

Solid Platforms earned an Excellence award and the Contractor of the Year award. Pictured are (l to r): Richard Goetz, Eric McCorkle, Bill Alexander, David Rees, Dan Kuachkoff, Chuck Balser Jr., Jason Lammertin, Kipp Kahlenbeck, Angie Kozyra, Kevin Sheeler, Brett Dekock.

Leading contractors from nearly 70 Northwest Indiana companies gathered to celebrate the most outstanding achievements in the local construction industry over the past year. Roughly 600 master builders, company owners, project managers, engineers, architects, and others, were in attendance at the Avalon Manor in Merrillville for the annual CAF/NWIBRT Construction Awards Banquet.

Each year, the Northwest Indiana Business RoundTable (NWIBRT) and the Construction Advancement Foundation (CAF) partner together to organize and host the banquet. The evening presents a stellar example of the capabilities of the NWI construction industry and its commitment to safety and excellence, and is considered by many to be the leading awards banquet with regard to recognizing the region’s industrial, commercial and public works projects.

The two organizations have separate award criteria. The CAF’s awards focus on specific projects and the strength of individual companies, while the NWIBRT awards concentrate on safety performance and companies’ commitments to protecting workers on jobsites.

The Pangere Corporation earned the Commercial Contractor of the Year award for the St. Catherine’s Hospital ICU renovation project. Pictured are (l to r): Jim Vermillion, Don Hancock, Tony Pangere, Scot Camacho, Nick Pangere, Tim Guendling, Doug Guernsey.

“Construction safety is actually important for just about everyone in our region, because of the impact that it has on our economy. This extends way beyond just contractors and their companies,” said Don Bull, NWIBRT Executive Committee Chairman and NIPSCO Director of Outage Management and Systems Engineering. “Working safely enables both contractors and project owners to control costs and protect the welfare of their employees, which has a tremendous impact on bottom lines and the ability of each party to provide quality jobs for Northwest Indiana.”

Dewey Pearman, Executive Director of the CAF, said, “The overarching themes from this year’s winning companies are quality and safety. Throughout our region’s construction industry, no matter what sector, Northwest Indiana contractors are committed to delivering the highest level of project outcomes possible. Familiar phrases like ‘paving the way’ and ‘laying a foundation’ are very literal in this sense, because the men and women of these construction firms establish the infrastructure in our region that heals, educates, employs, and transports our citizens. We’re very proud to celebrate their achievements at this year’s awards banquet.”



2017 NWIBRT Award Winners

Outstanding Craft Persons Safety Leader Award

  • Denard Clement, Airgas On-Site Safety Services
  • Joe Harkenrider, Airgas On-Site Safety Services
  • Rich Jones, Tonn and Blank Construction
  • Glenn Patrick, Tranco Industrial Services, Inc.
  • Ron Pearman, BMWC Constructors, Inc.
  • Will Price, Pyro Industrial Services, Inc.
  • Greg Palmer, Sargent Electric Company
  • Aaron Shelton, Sargent Electric Company
  • Kevin Sheeler, Solid Platforms, Inc.
  • Aaron Snyder, Pyro Industrial Services, Inc.

Certificates of Appreciation

  • Jim Arendas
  • Pat Biancardi
  • Kristi Chibicki
  • Pete Engelbert
  • Rick Foor
  • Tricia Hanrath
  • George Moisoff
  • Shoji Nakayama

Recognition Award

  • Airgas On-Site Safety Services
  • Amex Nooter, LLC
  • BMWC Constructors, Inc.
  • Catsi, Inc.
  • Graycor Industrial Constructors Inc.
  • Hayes Mechanical, LLC.
  • KM Plant Services, Inc.
  • Korellis Roofing, Inc.
  • Larson-Danielson Construction, Inc.
  • M & O Insulation Company
  • J. Electric, LLC.
  • Matrix North American Construction
  • Rieth-Riley Construction Co., Inc.
  • Sargent Electric Company
  • Stevens Engineers & Constructors
  • Superior Construction Company, Inc.
  • Tonn and Blank Construction
  • Tranco Industrial Services, Inc.
  • Walsh & Kelly, Inc.

Achievement Award

  • ACMS Group, Inc.
  • AMS Mechanical Systems, Inc.
  • Brock Industrial Services, LLC
  • EMCOR Hyre Electric
  • Fluor
  • Hasse Construction Company, Inc.
  • Interstate Environmental Services, Inc.
  • Meade Industries, Inc.
  • National Industrial Maintenance, Inc.
  • Pyro Industrial Services, Inc.

Excellence Award

  • Airswift
  • Ambitech Engineering Corporation
  • ATC Group Services LLC.
  • Cannon Sline Industrial, Inc.
  • Chellino Crane
  • Cornerstone Electrical Consultants, Inc.
  • Falk-PLI Engineering & Surveying
  • Imperial Crane Services, Inc.
  • Job-Site Safety, LTD
  • MC Industrial, Inc.
  • Middough Inc.
  • A. Logan, Inc.
  • Nooter Construction, Inc.
  • One Way Safety
  • J. Mycka, Inc.
  • Scheck Mechanical Corporation
  • Solid Platforms, Inc.
  • Stevenson Crane Service, Inc.
  • Superior Engineering LLC
  • The Pangere Corporation
  • The Ross Group, Inc.
  • Total Safety U.S., Inc.
  • Valdes Engineering Company

Innovation Award

  • KM Plant Services, Inc.

Lifesaver Award

  • Mike Grajeda, Job-Site Safety, LTD
  • Joe Royko, Sargent Electric Company

Owner Excellence in Leadership Award

  • Cargill, Incorporated
  • Steel Cities Steels, Inc.

Company of the Year Award

  • Ambitech Engineering Corporation

Contractor of the Year Award

  • Solid Platforms, Inc.



2017 CAF Award Winners

Commercial Contractor of the Year

  • The Pangere Corporation

Industrial Contractor of the Year

  • Hasse Construction Company, Inc.

Specialty-Contractor of the Year

  • Thatcher Foundations Inc.

Highway Contractor of the Year

  • Rieth-Riley Construction Co., Inc.

Industrial-Capital Project of the Year

  • BMWC Constructors, Inc.
  • NIPSCO Unit 17/18 Dust Collector Project

Commercial Project of the Year

  • The Pangere Corporation
  • St. Catherine Hospital – Intensive Care Unit Remodel Project

Public Works Project of the Year

  • Walsh & Kelly, Inc.
  • Indiana Department of Transportation

Excellence in Professional Development

  • Graycor Industrial Constructors Inc.


For more details on CAF’s and NWIBRT’s specific award criteria, please visit: