Elkay Wood Products Announces $3.9 Million Expansion in Culver

Elkay Wood Products Announces $3.9 Million Expansion in Culver

Elkay Wood Products has announced its second major expansion in Culver, IN, in just over two years. Elkay plans to invest $3.9 million to purchase and install new machinery and equipment at the Culver facility, which will upgrade and expand manufacturing operations.

The expansion is supported by a property tax abatement that was approved by the Culver Town Council at a public hearing yesterday evening. This hearing was the second step in the tax abatement process; the first took place on March 14th when the Council designated the Elkay facility as an economic revitalization area. The approved abatement is for 10 year term at 100% abatement.

As a family-owned business, Elkay has a rich history of manufacturing innovative products and delivering excellent customer service. Since 1920, Elkay has been a leader in the sink and plumbing fixture industry. The company expanded to Culver 15 years ago, growing its wood cabinet manufacturing division and creating cabinets today such as Home Depot’s InnerMost cabinets, Lowes’ Schuler Cabinets, Menards’ Medallion Cabinetry, and Sears’ American Cabinetry Collection.

Elkay is one of the largest employers in Culver with over 300 employees. The Town continues to build a strong relationship with Elkay by supporting the proposed capital investment that is expected to increase efficiency through the purchase of additional machinery and equipment.

“Elkay’s continued growth and investment in Culver are important to us, which is why we are proud to support Elkay in this expansion,” Town Council President, Ginny Munroe states. ”I believe the path taken by the Town Council to provide tax abatement predictability that secured the Elkay expansion in 2015 set a course for today’s proposed expansion.”