Hammond Manufacturer Announces New Patent to Improve Safety, Ergonomics

Hammond Manufacturer Announces New Patent to Improve Safety, Ergonomics

George O’Day’s, Inc. has announced it has secured a new patent for a locker design that is intended to provide greater ergonomics for its users and improve installation efficiency.

In a business climate with increased focus on worker safety, concerns were identified by O’Day experts regarding the height of previously existing locker designs, which they found carried the risk of imposing shoulder injuries with repetitive use. Former designs, at 84.5 inches tall, require workers to raise their arm up over their heads repeatedly as they hang hundreds of garments each month.

To address the issue and help protect workers, O’Day’s is pleased to announce is has patented the Ergo Locker. The new design is shorter at 78 inches overall and features a hanging bar that can be lowered and brought closer to the front of the locker, giving users easier access. It is also lighter weight, easier to maneuver, and easier to install.

The Ergo Locker, filed under Patent No. US 9,743761 B1, is also safer than former locker designs in that it has a much greater tipping point due to its lower center of gravity. Older locker designs could tip over with a weight of just 58 pounds hung on the front. At 78 inches, the Ergo Locker’s tipping point is 71 pounds, reducing the possibility of the locker system falling onto a worker.

“We remain committed to finding new ways to improve safety and efficiency for all of our clients,” said Steve O’Day, president and CEO. “The new Ergo Locker does just that, and we’re very proud of our team’s creativity and ingenuity in finding these solutions.”

George O’Day’s, Inc. is a storage and dispensing solution supplier and manufacturing company with nearly 40 years of history.