IWU Launches Two New Degree Programs

IWU Launches Two New Degree Programs

Indiana Wesleyan University recently announced that it has launched two new degree programs; an online doctorate in business administration and a new occupational therapy assistant program.

New Online DBA

Indiana Wesleyan University’s DeVoe School of Business is launching a new doctorate in business administration (DBA) that students can complete online. The curriculum for the new doctor in business administration offers specializations in accounting, healthcare administration and management. The course of study will enable graduates to pursue careers in business education, consulting, and business leadership.

The new program is accepting applications from students who want to begin the program as early as August 2019. A second cohort is planned to start the coursework in January of 2020, said Jeffrey Boyce, program director in the DeVoe School of Business. Boyce, who worked in the aerospace industry as an engineer for 23 years before moving into higher education, has been the driving force behind pulling this program together.

“A major issue facing any graduate today is the changing ethics that we see in the world around us,” Boyce said. “IWU’s DBA fills a need because it is focused on two guiding principles: a problem-based learning approach and the virtuous business model.”

Boyce said he was inspired to develop the program because he saw a growing need for a DBA that uses practical application and problem-based learning.

“Many doctoral programs are focused on the theoretical,” Boyce said. “Real life isn’t as neat and simple as a case study. We worked to create a DBA program that will prepare our students as practitioners ready to solve real-world problems.”

This new degree program also serves the mission of Indiana Wesleyan University, said David Wright, president of Indiana Wesleyan University.

“The DNA of Indiana Wesleyan University is to look out at the community and see where the needs are, and then to figure out innovative ways to meet those needs,” Wright said. “We are not just interested in helping our students find a better job. We want them to find a cause that they believe in. It isn’t just about career; it’s about calling.”

New Occupational Therapy Assistant Program

The university also announced that it is launching an Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA) Associate of Science degree program onsite at its Greenwood Adult Education Center, just south of Indianapolis. The program is offered through the IWU School of Health Sciences alongside the Indiana Wesleyan University Doctor of Occupational Therapy (OTD) program.

IWU recognized an opportunity to fill a void for this degree. Five years ago, there were five locations in Indiana where students could enroll in an OTA program. After the closure of a for-profit college that had four of those five locations, the number of options dropped to one.

“I knew the landscape was changing in Indiana for OTA programs and I thought the timing to add this program was perfect,” said Martin Rice, Ph.D., dean of IWU’s School of Health Sciences.

The university will begin recruiting students immediately for the fall academic session with information sessions being held at the Greenwood Adult Education Center at 6 p.m. the second Thursday of each month. The admission process will begin in April for the 30 spots available when the fall classes start.

“The program is very experiential and will combine classroom and laboratory time with fieldwork and clinical experiences,” said Julie Carson, a registered occupational therapist who is the director of the OTA Program. “In addition, as part of some of their classes, students will be expected to complete service requirements, such as participating in wellness and disability ministries in the community.”

The goal of the associate degree program is to prepare students to become occupational therapy assistants who can administer occupational therapy under the guidance of an occupational therapist. The associate degree program includes many general education requirements that will allow students to continue to bachelor’s degrees, including those in the healthcare field.

“The job outlook is excellent for the field of OT,” said Rice, who is a registered and licensed occupational therapist. “It continues to be one of the fastest growing professions.”

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