Pangere Receives Carpenters Union Contractor of the Year Award

Pangere Receives Carpenters Union Contractor of the Year Award

The Pangere Corporation received the “Contractor of the Year” award from the Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio Regional Counsel of Carpenters Local #1005 at its 45th Annual Service Recognition Banquet.  Pangere is a General Contractor that performs a variety of commercial and Industrial construction projects throughout Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland.

Steve Pangere during the award acceptance.

ICRA Division Representative Adam Fedak of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters (UBC) Local #1005 stated that, “Steve Pangere, President of The Pangere Corporation truly treats his customers with fairness and his employees as if they were family.  The Pangere Corporation has turned the UBC Infection Control Risk Assessment [ICRA] training into a mission statement for healthcare.”  He went on to say, “The company uses all of today’s cutting-edge technology and specialized training for performing work in the healthcare industry with Infection Control Risk Assessment Best Practices.”

“The long-term goal of Pangere’s learning strategy is to provide every team member an opportunity to learn, grow, and succeed,” stated Tony Pangere, Vice President and Safety Director of The Pangere Corporation.  Three of Pangere’s carpenters were trained by the UBC in their 18-month Superintendents Career Training Program.  Several of Pangere’s journeymen carpenters attended the UBC leadership “Heavy Hitters” Program.  All carpenters working for Pangere are ICRA certified.

Steve, his sons Nick and Tony, and Steve’s guide dog Hope accepted the award.  When accepting the award, Steve Pangere said, “I am very proud and it is an honor to be recognized for such a special and prestigious award on behalf of all of our employees.”

“Our employees and our company’s expertise in the area of Infection Control Risk Assessment are the differentiating factors for the success of our organization,” stated Jim Vermillion, Pangere’s Division Manager of Commercial Construction.

While construction is dangerous work, ICRA safety systems protect workers and the public from harm.  The unique environment of healthcare facilities adds a new level of risk to the public. Each year, more than 5,000 deaths occur because of construction-related infections.  The Pangere Corporation is a leader in implementing Infection Control Risk Assessment Best Practices and eliminating the risk of infection from jobsites.