State Awards Opportunity Enterprises Highest Licensure

State Awards Opportunity Enterprises Highest Licensure

Opportunity Enterprises recently underwent a rigorous licensing approval procedure for its Supported Living program. The licensing procedure, approved through the Indiana State Bureau of Quality Improvement Services, resulted in a full 36-month license to operate the program. This is the longest licensure allowed and recognizes Opportunity Enterprises’ extreme attention to quality program delivery. Some providers receive as little as a 6-month or 12-month license based on feedback provided through the licensing approval process.

The Bureau of Quality Improvement Services monitors services to individuals by organizations and providers. BQIS is funded by or funded under the authority of the Division of Disability & Rehabilitative Services and organizations/providers that have entered into a provider agreement under Indiana Code (IC) 12-15-11 to provide Medicaid in-home waiver services. The licensing involves data analysis of 17 categories including incident reports, medical, and behavioral incidents. Additionally, the process requires internal evaluation reporting on staff training, agency policies, and systems.

“We are honored to have this highest level of licensure. It shows just how much the people we care for mean to those that serve them It’s nice to be recognized by the state for our commitment to excellence,” said Valerie Thill, Chief Program Officer.

The Supported Living program provides in-home care for individuals who qualify through Medicaid. Persons can receive from as little as 4 hours per week to 24 hours per day care. This care consists of making sure these men and women with disabilities are safe, able to take care of their needs such as cooking and cleaning, as well as provides ongoing stimulation through activities, learning, and monitoring including whether they are taking their medications correctly and attending doctor’s appointments with clients.

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